Iglesia Metodista Unida Douglas Street United Methodist Church
Wednesday, July 28, 2021

Food Bank

DONATIONS NEEDED - Tuna and other canned meat, cooking oil, sugar, jelly, peanut butter, pasta, macaroni and cheese,  instant mashed potatoes, pancake mix(to just add water), syrup, jello,cereal, pre-sweetened powdered drink mix, ketchup, dry pinto beans, canned vegetables, rice
Thanks to THE BRIDGE UMC for being our official monthly suppliers of canned fruit and ramen noodles!  

The Food Bank provides non perishable food for basic meals for residents of the community that are not able to buy enough food to support themselves and their families.
Hours of Operation:  By appointment, please call the church office 770-382-2778 for an appointment.  Some appointments are available at 6:00pm.   Families may return once a month to receive food. 
El banco de comida provee comida basica para los residentes de la comunidad que no pueden comprar comida suficiente para sostener sus familias.  Familias pueden regresar una vez por mes para recibir comida. 
Horas de operación:   solo por cita; por favor llama la oficina de la iglesia 770-382-2778 para una cita.
Information on Donations:
- NON-PERISHABLE items only!
- Call the church office (770-382-2778) to schedule a pick up or drop off of donated food
Suggestions (but donations are not restricted to these items):
dry pinto beans or rice (1-2 lb bags)                         canned vegetables                canned fruit
canned spaghetti o's                                            spaghetti pasta(2lbs)               spaghetti sauce(can or jar)
cup of  soup or ramen noodles,                             peanut butter                         jelly
jello or instant pudding                                         macaroni and cheese              instant mashed potatoes
cooking oil                                                            dry lentils                              tuna
coffee                                                                  tea bags                          presweetened drink mix
sugar                                             pancake mix(the kind to just add water)       syrup
oatmeal                                                                  cereal                     granola bars or cereal bars
ketchup                                                             mayonnaise                               hot sauce
non fat dry milk                                                        cookies                          microwave popcorn
We have limited storage for the following perishable items: hotdogs, bread, margarine, large bags of tortillas